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Addressing global challenges requires increased multilateralism – UN

There is a growing consensus that stronger multilateralism is essential to meet today’s global challenges, according to the UN Secretary-General. While addressing the UN Security Council Open Debate on Multilateralism, Antonio Guterres said that this issue has been “my highest priority since assuming office as Secretary-General. In the aftermath of World War II, the international system established prevented a military conflict between major powers. As a result of cooperation among states with nuclear weapons, they were able to reduce their numbers, prevent proliferation, and avert a nuclear catastrophe. The United Nations provided peacekeeping and peacemaking services that saved millions of lives by ending conflicts.

Addressing global challenges requires increased multilateralism - UN“Regardless of the significant progress we have made, we continue to face many of the same challenges we have faced for 76 years: inter-state wars, limitations to our peacekeeping capabilities, terrorism, and a divided collective security system,” he concluded. Accordingly, he continued, “I proposed a New Agenda for Peace as part of my report on Our Common Agenda. I intend to submit this document to Member States in 2023. We intend to take a long view and a broad lens when drafting the New Agenda for Peace. It will speak to all Member States and address the full range of new and old security challenges that we face – local, national, regional and international.”

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