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Canon extends imagePRESS V series with launch of new flagship V1350 and V900 series

MENA NewswireCanon announces two new additions to the imagePRESS V series, the flagship V1350 and the V900 series. Setting new standards in cut-sheet toner productivity, the V series is the latest evolution of the hugely successful imagePRESS family. Featuring technological enhancements that take its performance to a new level while making it easier to use, the V series enables both commercial and in-house print service providers (PSPs) to overcome their production challenges and meet customer demands for high-quality, dynamic print content produced to the tightest deadlines.

Now with an option for commercial and in-house printing environments of every size and printing need, the imagePRESS V series is a powerful family of toner production presses that offers increased automation – making them very operator friendly – a wealth of feeding and finishing options, and seamless integration with workflow solutions via PRISMAsync or EFI Fiery controllers. Joining the imagePRESS V1000 mid-range production press that started shipping in June this year, the V1350 offers the highest print speed, productivity and durability of the imagePRESS family, while the lighter volume production press, the V900, offers the most extensive range of applications printable on one compact device. Robustly built and with sustainability a consideration, the series has been engineered for continuous, reliable productivity, consistent and stable colour, as well as unbeatable front and back registration accuracy.

The imagePRESS V1350 – best in class for productivity

The flagship imagePRESS V1350 offers exceptional performance and the highest productivity in its class of colour toner production presses. With a top speed of 135 pages per minute, it handles monthly volumes of up to 2.4 million A4 pages with a lifetime of 72 million A4 pages, thanks to its industrial build. The inclusion of a vacuum-feeding mechanism, a flatter paper transport path, the advanced Print on Demand-Surface Rapid Fusing (POD-SURF) unit and integrated cooling system supports long, continuous periods of top-quality printing at high speed and without paper jams, allowing both commercial and in-house print service providers to turn around even demanding jobs quickly and at high volumes without compromise.

Offset-like quality is a given for the V1350 and is maintained from the first to the last sheet of every job, whatever the run length. The Multi-D.A.T. colour correction system automatically preserves colour stability even during continuous runs, with the built-in, In-Line Spectrophotometric Sensor automating accurate colour adjustments when needed. The V1350 is designed to produce high-quality print applications, such as brochures, leaflets, high end mailings and cards, and offers the tightest accuracy in its class for front and back registration (0.5mm), thanks to its advanced registration technologies.

Supporting the broadest media weight range (60gsm-500gsm) of a colour toner press and a wide selection of paper types (including embossed and synthetic) and offering full compatibility with the extensive range of inline finishing equipment from Canon and leading technology partners, the imagePRESS V1350 allows PSPs to offer their customers digital runs of any length across a huge variety of print products.

The imagePRESS V900 series – light volume production press that offers greater application flexibility

The entry-level model of the V series family, the imagePRESS V900 series is ideal for printers producing monthly volumes of up to 500,000 A4-pages. It comes in three different models – V900, V800 and V700, reflecting the maximum speed of each – 90ppm, 80ppm and 70ppm – and is made for fast-paced production environments where consistent, high quality, productivity and media choice are required day in, day out.

Not only is it the most compact device in the family, but the V900 also offers a class-leading variety of applications that are printable on a small device, thanks to the media it supports – from 52gsm plain and 70gsm coated to 350gsm thick media, narrow envelopes, as well as auto-duplex 762mm and simplex 1.3m banners and embossed and synthetic paper. This versatility is supported by the latest vacuum technology that adjusts the suction force according to paper weight, stabilising the transport of thick paper, as well as the inclusion of feed rollers and strengthened transport rollers that improve transport stability for thin, thick and short paper, expanding the range of media that can be used and preventing paper jams.

Removing the need for a highly skilled operator, the V900 incorporates new time- and labour-saving automation features that make it easy to use. The inclusion of the optional Duplex Colour Image Reader Unit allows the device to make rapid pre-print adjustments to front and back registration (delivering impressive 0.8mm accuracy), colour gradation, colour density and secondary transfer voltage to ensure high quality even on textured media. Users simply run printed adjustment charts through the Automatic Document Feeder, part of the Duplex Colour Image Reader Unit, and the V900 then automatically makes the required adjustments. Other time-saving features on the V900 include remote alerts to tell operators when consumables are running low.

Ayman Aly, Senior Regional Marketing Manager Canon Middle East said:

“The additions of the V1350 and V900 to our imagePRESS V series family will allow both commercial and in-house print service providers to work better, faster, and with greater scope to offer their customers more high-value print products. Built on powerful and proven patented technology and developed based on customer feedback, the imagePRESS V series brings a fresh perspective to digital toner press design, making it a reliable solution for print service providers to produce a diverse range of jobs on a single press. The series offers more automated features, a broad range of feeding and finishing options, and easy workflow integration. Utilizing print management applications such as PRISMAsync Remote Manager to remotely submit, monitor and manage jobs across one or more presses and PRISMAlytics Dashboard to get insights, monitor and analyse Key Performance Indicators, users can boost profitability with optimised print performance and benefit from reduced manual intervention, less waste and increased productivity. And with more freedom in production, they can take on new print volumes, offer more support to customers and help grow their business.”

Ayman further added: “The distinct benefits of the imagePRESS V1350, V900 and C265 were showcased to our key partners and customers, giving them a first-hand experience with practical workshops and presentations at the regional launch in Dubai on 15th November 2022 , discussing Canon business strategy and how to keep Canon market leadership in Middle East region and discovering potential opportunities with the new imagePRESS V series targeting new customer segments and offering new applications and services.”

The imagePRESS V series features controls for maintaining colour consistency in real time and is available with options that include the Sensing Unit and Inspection Unit for further automation of quality control tasks.

The new imagePRESS V1350 will be commercially available from Canon and accredited partners in the first half of next year and the V900 will be available from December 2022.

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