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Iraqi MoCH signs an agreement with UNICEF to develop service sectors

Iraq’s Minister of Construction, Housing, and Public Municipalities (MOCH), Nazanin Muhammad Wassou, has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the UN organization (UNICEF) to develop three sectors: water, sanitation, and sustainable environment. According to a statement from the ministry, Nazanin Muhammad Wassou, Minister of construction, recently signed an agreement with the UN (UNICEF) for cooperation in water, sanitation, and sustainable environments, within the organization’s cooperation program 2020-2021.

Iraqi MoCH signs an agreement with UNICEF to develop service sectorsTo meet the rights of children and youth, the memorandum highlighted the need to strengthen water, sanitation, and hygiene systems, as well as empower local communities. Also included are continued work and coordination with international and domestic non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academic and research institutions as well as youth volunteers, to plan and implement activities to mitigate climate change’s impact and provide water, and to train professionals on water, sanitation and municipal challenges.

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