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MOE announces the results of the Iraqi university classification

The results of the Iraqi classification of universities, IRU, were recently announced by the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry of Iraq. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the results of (the Iraqi classification) in order to assess the effectiveness and reputation of higher education institutions, as well as to diagnose performance indicators and academic level, in light of their missions, goals, and consistency, and to benchmark them against key international rankings.

MOE announces the results of the Iraqi university classificationAcademic Supervision and Evaluation Authority is working on standards for universities (IRU), which is being administered by the Quality Assurance Department of the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Department.

A comprehensive evaluation of eighty-three governmental and private educational institutions was conducted by the specialists in this file, which included evaluations of thirty-six public universities, forty-seven universities and private colleges, eight hundred and seventy-five specialized colleges, and one thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine scientific departments.” The specialists indicated that “the evaluation included criteria related to the institutional environment.”

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