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New initiative from WHO in Iraq and message to citizens

World Health Organization (WHO) in Iraq announced Wednesday the launch of an initiative to promote local food and send a message to the people. World Health Organization representative Ahmed Al-Zouiten said: “We are striving to reduce the impact of diseases, including global warming.” Al-Zouiten urged people worldwide to show responsible citizenship by reducing greenhouse gases, reducing car travel, and taking public transportation instead.

New initiative from WHO in Iraq and message to citizensHe stated that “our health depends on the quality of our food, water, and air,” adding, “a poor diet and excessive smoking are exacerbating non-communicable diseases.” The official concluded, “We are seeking to make the health of our citizens proactive by laying healthy foundations for health.” The Iraqi government is promoting local food this year, and trying to reduce food imports from abroad, and making sure all citizens have clean drinking water and air to breathe.

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