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“What Wonderful European Beef! 2.0” concludes its 6th year mission to promote the European Beef from Spain in the UAE through a series of events

MENA Newswire: Abu Dhabi, UAE, February 2024: Provacuno concludes its ‘What Wonderful European Beef’ campaign in the UAE with a series of events at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas. The six-year promotional campaign aimed to revolutionise the culinary experience in the UAE. Its main mission is to promote high quality European beef from Spain and the European production model in the UAE.

As part of this European campaign, Provacuno was responsible for organising a Workshop with influencers and the ‘EU Beef from Spain Festival‘ at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas, which attracted marketing influencers, the key player from the beef sector in the country and leading figures from the beef industry. The events focused on European beef from Spain, highlighted by a live cooking demonstration from Michelin-starred chef Juanlu Fernández. The aim was to combine and enhance the UAE’s distinctive culinary traditions with the exquisite flavours of European Beef from Spain.

The exclusive meeting, held at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel & Villas, also saw the participation of 70 stakeholders from the local beef sector, highlighting the potential of European beef from Spain in the UAE. The event demonstrated a shared commitment to quality, taste and culinary innovation, and provided another opportunity to showcase the unique European production model. Attendees had the opportunity to taste three different beef dishes exclusively prepared by Michelin-starred chef Juanlu Fernández. Overall, the event was very successful and generated a lot of interest among the guests.

Over the past six years, our journey in the UAE market has unfolded as an enriching story of culinary and cultural integration. During this period, we’ve embarked on numerous promotional efforts, including trade show participations, the creation of exclusive showrooms for stakeholders, influencer workshops, and masterclasses at culinary schools, always in collaboration with distinguished chefs. It’s encouraging to see how these initiatives have improved the UAE’s knowledge, appreciation, and comprehension of the outstanding attributes of European beef from Spain and the region’s culinary legacy.” – José Ramón Godoy, International Director of Provacuno.

Provacuno remains committed to the UAE market and actively participated in the Gulfood exhibition in Dubai from the 19th to the 23rd of February: Hall No. 4 / Stand No. A4-20 to keep promoting European Beef from Spain in UAE.

Excitement is in the air as Provacuno celebrates the successful completion of its six-year campaign ‘What Wonderful Beef! 2.0’. This campaign has masterfully showcased the exquisite quality, taste, culinary techniques and cultural heritage associated with European Beef from Spain in the UAE. The exceptional quality of European Beef from Spain is poised to revolutionize the culinary landscape, transcending traditional boundaries and propelling the UAE into a future defined by gastronomic excellence. Provacuno remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, taste and sustainability as it continues to bring the finest European beef from Spain to sophisticated palates worldwide. The culmination of this milestone does not mark the end, but rather the beginning of a new era with countless achievements on the horizon.

We look forward to continuing our journey of exploration and culinary discovery!

About Provacuno

Provacuno, the Agro-food Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, consists of national associations that represent companies from the production, industrial and commercial sectors of this product. These associations represent and defend the interests of their members. In addition, Provacuno is where these associations come together and where decisions are adopted with regards to the internal regulation of the sector.

Provacuno was established on 2 December 1997 and officially recognized as an agro-food inter-professional organization by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, on 30 June 1998, in accordance with Law 38/1994 that regulates the agro-food inter-professional organizations.

It represents approximately 85% of the industry in Spain, including both producers and processors.

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